Long Long ago, in a land shrouded in mystery, a group of young nomads stumbled across a secret and wonderful place. Who built it? Where did it come from? What was it used for? The origins of the cabin had already been lost to the sands of time. The nomads entered, and it was apparent that a great battle had once been fought upon these grounds, the remnants of such chaos slowly decaying over the years until the cabin found new masters...

The nomadic tribe of Perry had discovered their new home. They worked long and hard to restore the land to glory, taming the mighty waters of the Conodoguinet, and fighting off the ever threatening surrounding forces of the Cumberland hordes. During this time, the cabin, once an empty shell, began to blossom and take on a life and spirit of its own. Over time the nomads became aware of the cabin's power, as it whispered to them always from the shadows. The nomads slowly began to unlock the secrets of the cabin.

Over the years the vigor of the cabin grew, and wonderful new rituals were learned by the nomads to harness this sheer power and relentless energy. Music swept through the land, as the nomads danced and rejoiced, imbibing delicious and wonderful nectars during their spectacular nocturnal celebrations. It wasnt long before the nomads were joined by new clans from the Cumberland hordes, who's vile nature was tamed and converted almost overnight, upon hearing the beautiful sounds and intoxicating tales of the nomadic celebrations.

The tribe of cabiners grew in number and erected a new temple celebrating the architecture and traditions of the ancient cabin. An ever changing and evolving atmosphere was reborn in this new temple, known as the deuce. The cabiners harnessed the force of electricity and used it to power their many inventions and fuel their legendary celebrations.